BYD and Mercedes to launch luxury electric minivan in Europe

BYD will reinforce its bet on the European market with a new luxury electric minivan through Denza, a company that is part of a joint venture between BYD Auto Industry and the Mercedes-Benz Group.

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BYD electric minivan

The model called D9 already appeared in China a few years ago, but it should come with changes for Europe to rival the Lexus LM minivan. Check out what we already know about the model:

  • Just like the Chinese version, the minivan can be purchased in a plug-in hybrid or 100% electric version;
  • It has a boxy design, with three rows inside, electrically operated sliding doors, greenhouse and panoramic sunroof;
  • There is still no information about the technical specifications, but, according to the Engine1just look at the Chinese version to have a good comparison in terms of size: its “sister” from another continent is 5.25 meters long, 1.96 meters wide, 1.92 meters high and 3.11 meters between axles;
  • The interior is leather, with folding seats, and there are ventilation and massage functions, as well as entertainment displays on the rear seats, a refrigerator with capacity for up to six bottles, USB ports and an LED-lit environment.
(Photo: Denza/Reproduction)

Chinese minivan vs. European

More specifications should be released as the European launch approaches, but it is possible to make more comparisons with the Chinese version of the D9.

There, the plug-in model has front and all-wheel drive, a 20.39 kWh battery (or a larger 40.06 kWh pack) and two motors, one with 137 horsepower and the other with 228 horsepower.

There are variations that increase engine power and torque. The FWD version, for example, has a combined power of 295 horsepower and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds. The upgrade to the AWD variation reaches 401 horsepower and 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds.

Regarding the autonomy of the electric minivan, it is not possible to make precise comparisons, as China's testing and measurement system differs from the standard adopted by Europe. The front-wheel drive Chinese D9 can travel up to 620 km on a single charge.

(Photo: Denza/Reproduction)

BYD and Mercedes

Denza is a brand created by the Chinese BYD and the Mercedes-Benz group in 2010. Initially, both had 50% ownership each of the company, but in 2021, Mercedes reduced its stake to 10%.

Under the command of BYD, the brand is following a similar path to its “mother”: seeking to gain space in the European market. That's where the luxury electric minivan comes in, the first model announced on the continent.

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