But the farmer narrowly escaped the attack of the fish, the video went viral


During farming in a field in the Nalgonda district of the Indian state of Telangana, a crocodile came out, which scared the farmers.

According to foreign media, when a farmer named Nagaya in Tripuraram reached his field, he was surprised to see that there was a crocodile in the field, which scared him.

A farmer named Nagya reported this to the forest department officials. Meanwhile, some people also gathered, who made a video and made it viral on social media.

Earlier, a video that went viral on social media scared people in which an Indian man can be seen playing with a dangerous cobra.

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A heartwarming video of an Indian man holding a cobra above his head with his bare hands has gone viral on photo and sharing app Instagram.

Social media users are also surprised by this action of the said person and are making various comments on the video.


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