“Bob the Builder” film is being contested by Amazon, DreamWorks and Netflix


Major producers are competing for the rights to adapt the new animated film by Bob the constructor. Jennifer Lopez's project has already received proposals from Amazon, DreamWorks Animation and Netflix, according to Deadline.

Fierce competition for “Bob the Builder” rights

  • In January of this year, Variety released news of a new animated film from the cartoon Bob the constructor was to be developed.
  • Singer Jennifer Lopez is behind the project.
  • Three major producers – Amazon, DreamWorks Animation and Netflix – wasted no time and have already made million-dollar proposals, according to Deadline.
  • The giants are keeping an eye on the project, as it has great potential to win over the Hispanic and Latino public.
  • So far, none of the proposals have been chosen.

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“Bob the Builder” movie plot

In the long Bob the constructor, the main character (Bob – Roberto’s nickname) needs to go to Puerto Rico to carry out a large construction project. During his work, he will deal with issues affecting the island and delve deeper into the meaning of building. Bob's journey will celebrate the vibrant and colorful textures of the Caribbean nations and their people,” says the official synopsis.

Bob will be voiced by Anthony Ramos (Transformers: Dawn of the Beasts). The actor said in an official statement that the narrative has a bit of its own history.

For years, Bob the Builder characters have inspired children around the world. [Será] a film about friends working as a team, about celebrating the home they share, and about how love can help overcome any obstacle. Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Anthony Ramos

The script will be written by Felipe Vargas, who is involved in the new Rosario. Bob the Builder – The movie It still doesn't have a director.

About the drawing

Bob the constructor was a children's animated series that aired between 1999 and 2011. The cartoon follows the adventures of Bob, a skilled and optimistic builder, along with his team of talking machines. The character is known for his ability to solve problems and successfully complete construction projects in and around the town of Fixham.

The series of British origin became popular among Hispanic and Latino audiences. In Brazil, Bob was broadcast on the pay channel Discovery Kids and also on SBT and TV Cultura. Currently, the series is available on Prime Video.

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