Bill Gates made a tea seller a hero, video goes viral


Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, socialite and one of the richest people in the world, made the tea seller a hero by drinking tea at the stall.

Bill Gates, a world-renowned social and business personality, is currently on a visit to India. Stopped for tea at a stall and drank tea. His video spread like wildfire on social media and the tea seller became an instant hero across the world.

Bill Gates shared a video (reel) of himself drinking tea from a stall on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram, in which he can be seen buying tea from the famous tea vendor 'Dolly Chaiwala' on social media.

In the video it can be seen that Bill Gates says to give a cup of tea. After that, in the video, Dolly Chaiwala makes tea for Bill Gates in his own style.

In the caption of this video, Bill Gates wrote that in India you will see new things everywhere. Even in a plain cup of tea.

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This reel of Bill Gates and Dolly Chaiwala has been viewed 38.7 million times on Instagram so far, while more than two and a half million users have also liked it.

It should be noted that Doli Chaiwala is from Nagpur, Maharashtra state and is famous for his vlogs and various styles of selling his tea on YouTube and other platforms.

Many famous people including tourists visit his tea cart, but Bill Gates' video has made him an instant hero around the world.


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