Big man!


Ayaz wanted to be a big man. Big, very big like Quaid-e-Azam who created Pakistan. Liaquat Ali Khan, who sacrificed his life for Pakistan. Similarly, there were other great people and who had great achievements, Ayaz wanted to be like them.

He used to study with a lot of heart to write his name in history. He used to memorize his lessons with great effort. He used to do homework very strictly. Some or the other book would be buried in his hand while he was sleeping. His mother said, son, eat. He replies that he is not hungry, he will eat after reading. Apa Khetin Gade Bhai bring a deal from the market.

Ayaz made a bad face and said, Apa! You are not watching, I am reading. I have a test tomorrow. You can get a deal from someone else. Let me read. I have to be a big man. Even in the neighborhood, if someone asked him for work, he would flatly refuse.

His mother and father used to see that Ayaz stayed up and read at night. His father sometimes forbade him to stay awake all night and read. . Quaid-e-Azam also used to read awake at night. His family members also scolded him for reading too much, but he did not mind what his family members said. “

Hearing this answer of Ayaz, his father became silent, thinking that this boy has lost his hand.

When elder brother went to play cricket at four in the evening, he used to call him, “O bookworm, spare some time for playing.” Sports are important along with studies. May your passion be blessed. Let me read. “

The elder brother would call Ayaz on his shoulder and say, “Manne Mian, work, study, study, breathe in the fresh air.” What state did you make yourself after reading?

Ayaz would say after hearing this from Big Bhaiya, “To become a big man, you have to value time and those who don't value time, waste their time in sports, they can never become a big man.” “

Big brothers were also big brothers, they didn't know how to sit on China, how could they listen to Ayaz's words, they would throw aside their clothes and sit next to him with their feet wide open and say, “Look, Mane Mian, we are the poor of time.” Neither do nor waste it in sport. There is moderation in everything we do. Big brother would be silent one moment and the next moment would say, “Mane Mian, a healthy body is a healthy mind.” If the body is healthy then the mind will be strong and if the body is weak then how will the mind be able to remain strong?”

“Brother, you know I walk to school every day, I get good exercise, so why do I need to jump to play?” “

Ayaz makes Big Bhaiya fantastic. “It seems that you will not correct me. “Big Bhai would call and go to play cricket by spoiling the hair of Ayaz's head. As time was passing by, Ayaz's studies and desire to become a big man was reaching its peak. The family members were annoyed by his constant studying. While studying, Ayaz did not do any work for the family. The family members had to go to the market to buy salaf and vegetables, the gas and electricity bills were also paid by the family members. Because he was of no use to the family.

Mom used to carry food behind Ayaz, “Moon, it's three o'clock in the afternoon, now eat your food.” “” I will eat, mother, I am not hungry now, so let me read. “

Due to not eating on time and staying awake at night to study, Ayaz's health was not the same as before, he became weak.

Exams were near and Ayaz was fully engaged in studies. Locking his room, he would be busy in his studies, not even aware that his younger uncle was returning home from London and he had to go to the airport to pick them up. Ayaz was busy with his studies and uncle came home from the airport with his family. Everyone was happy at home. Many years later the younger uncle had returned from London. Ayaz's mother was very happy to meet her brother after many years of distance.

Little uncle was very impressed by the kindness and love of the family and said. In London, love and compassion were missing. Then the memory of the homeland kept my heart restless and then I always thought of meeting my nephews and nieces, so I packed my bed sack and came straight here. Among you people. “

Ayaz is not visible, has he gone somewhere?

“It's at home. Sitting in his room studying. ' Mother reported. “He is studying, doesn't he know about my arrival?” asked my uncle.

“When he sits down to read, he does not feel like eating or drinking.” How will he remember you? “Big Apa said, “Oh, Mr. Padha is done!”

“Moa is studying all the time, he says he will become a big man,” Grandma John said.

“Husband, you explain something to him. He doesn't believe anything we say!!'' Father John said to Uncle John.

“It is not a matter that in the process of becoming a big man, he has forgotten his uncle John too!” said uncle John with a smile. As soon as he finished his speech. At the same time, Ayaz entered the room and ran and hugged his uncle, “How can I forget my uncle Jan?” There was a hint of excitement in his tone.

Little uncle was very happy to meet his nephew. They started saying. “Mane Mian, Masha'Allah, you have grown very tall.” You look older than me. “

“The big man who is going to become a big man!” Is it true that you read all the time? Do not do any household work and do not even participate in any sports?

Ayaz said in a very low voice, “Everyone is enthralled by my teaching.” “

“All these people are not angry with your teaching, but they are angry that you have lost moderation.” That's why your family is disgusted with you and today I also felt strongly that everyone came to pick me up at the airport but you didn't come. “

Ayaz's head bowed down with a sense of shame after hearing this from his younger uncle John. He was realizing that Uncle John had missed him deeply.

Uncle John saw that Ayaz was shy, so he said to him, “Tell me, what do we do when we plan to walk somewhere?”

“Let's go!”

“Okay, let's go, but how!”

“First one step forward and then another. “

“Exactly, to reach the destination it is necessary to take both steps and also if we take only one step and do not take the second step then we can never reach the destination, so Mane Mian, to become a big man you has taken only one step. That is, only education, you have not taken the second step forward and you know what the second step is!

“Don't know?” Ayaz was confused by the words of uncle Jan.

“That second step is to take the prayers of the people, to come to their service, to serve the servants.” The younger uncle was silent for a moment, then in the next moment he said to Ayaz, “Have you taken the prayers of the people?” Have you ever done any service outside of your home? Have you ever made a blind person cross the street? Have you ever helped a poor person morally or financially? Let's leave these things too. Just tell me, have you ever smiled for someone?''

After hearing so many words of his uncle, Ayaz thought, “I have never really done any service to anyone.” Neither the family members nor the local people and never smiled and talked to anyone. “

The eyes of all the members of the house were fixed on Ayaz. Uncle Jan found him silent and said, “Yes, Mane Mian, I remembered something, some small and fat work by which you have received prayers from people.” “

Ayaz still remained silent, then uncle said, “This means that you have never been of use to anyone.” You have never served anyone and obviously when you have not served anyone, then how can you receive prayers. “

Uncle John remained silent for a few moments, then he asked Ayaz, “Have you heard the name of the famous king Mahmud Ghaznavi?”

“GG” the same Mahmud Ghaznavi who launched seventeen attacks on India. Broke down the temple of Somnath and recorded his name in history as “Idol Slayer”. Ayaz told with great enthusiasm

“Do you know his father's name?”

“Subkatgin” said Ayaz with great enthusiasm

“Your information is very good. Well tell me that when Sabkatgin was a minor soldier, an incident happened to him. The deer incident. . . . did you remember something?''

“Yes, uncle, I remember that incident well, shall I tell you?”

“Yes yes of course” Mehmood Ghaznavi's father Subkatgin was very fond of hunting. One day he went hunting on a horse. When they reached the forest, they saw a deer and her baby. They put their horse behind the deer. Seeing the hunter coming towards her, the deer ran away. He didn't run away from the child and the child was put on the back of the horse by Sabkatgin. They had gone a short distance with the child when they saw the deer following the horse in eager love for her child. He had no fear for his life either.

Seeing the mother's love, the veterans were very impressed. They immediately released the baby deer. As soon as the baby deer was released, it came close to the mother, filling the claws.

Sabkatgin saw that Harni fell in love and started kissing her child. She would lick her baby with her tongue and look at the baby with grateful eyes as if giving thanks and praying.

The result of Harni's prayer was that after some time, Sabkatgin was promoted from the rank of minor general to the ruler of Ghazni.

“Very good brother, you remember this incident very well!” Uncle Jan said happily.

“Yes, uncle, I remember the incident with Abraham Lincoln very well! When he freed a little squirrel trapped in a pile of rocks in school and prayed for it, and the little squirrel's prayer had the effect that he would one day become the President of the United States. The information is amazing. Well, tell us what lessons we get from these events? “That is, it is very important to receive prayers to become a big man,” Ayaz said with his head bowed in a very shy tone.

“And do you know how prayers are received?” Uncle John asked. There was no response from Ayaz. A feeling of embarrassment sealed his tongue. Young uncle saw him silent and shy, so he held both his shoulders and said, “Son, prayers are obtained only by following the path of moderation.” In fact, a great man is one who meets people with a smile, treats them well and receives their prayers by serving them. “

Uncle John's speech was finished when Ayaz said, “Uncle John, your words have opened my eyes today.” To become a great man I will adopt the path of moderation and moderation in my life. I will serve people. I will treat them with good manners and take their prayers. “

“Well done!” My uncle was happy. At that time Ayaz remembered something. He started going out with the bicycle. When uncle John asked, he said. “Fatima Khala's needle is to submit the gas and electricity bills. She is saying since yesterday, yesterday I forbade them but now I will never forbid them. “

As Ayaz started to go out, Apa held out a fifty note and said, “Mane Mian, bring two dozen hot samosas on your way back from the market.” “

“Very well my friend, I went like this and came like this,” Ayaz said cheerfully. When he started to go out on his bicycle, uncle John called out, “Mian, come quickly, we will all have tea with you.” “

All the members of the house were looking very happy when Ayaz's body was turned upside down by uncle John. Uncle John looked at everyone and said, “Ayaz had taken the first step to become a big man, he had not taken the second.” Today, his second step has also been taken in this direction. Pray that one day he will be a real big man.”

As soon as Uncle John's speech was completed, everyone said “Amen” loudly.

(Author: Muhammad Taha Khan)


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