Big decision regarding Apple's electric car


The leading technology company Apple has decided to end its electric car project, the said decision will affect 2000 employees.

According to details, the American technology company Apple is reportedly planning to close the multi-billion dollar autonomous electric car project.

A foreign news agency According to the report Company employees were informed of the decision by Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams and project manager Kevin Lynch. ) will be transferred to the division.

However, it is not yet clear how many staff will be laid off, as Apple also has several hundred hardware engineers and vehicle designers working on the project, but an Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the news. Is.

Apple Car

The decision to scrap the project comes as global automakers reduce their investment in the electric vehicle industry, which has seen a significant drop in demand, the report said.

Company chief Tim Cook hinted in 2017 that Apple was working on 'autonomous systems', which he called the 'mother of all AI projects'.

The technology company had been secretly developing a self-driving electric car project for several years before that.

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According to reports, the company initially intended to create an automobile without a steering wheel or pedals so that passengers could sit facing each other in a limousine-style vehicle.


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