Biden considers suspending Israeli arms shipments


The brutality of the Israeli army in Gaza is not stopping, the Israelis have turned Gaza into the world's largest cemetery. In such a situation, the American president is heavily criticized for his pro-Israeli policies.

According to the news agency, after severe criticism, the White House has requested a list of weapons supplied to Israel, the White House has instructed the State Department and the Pentagon to provide the list.

The news agency says that US President Joe Biden has started considering suspending or conditioning the delivery of Israeli weapons in the future. The said decision has been taken after strong criticism of Biden's support for Israel.

On the other hand, US State Department Human Rights Officer Anil Shelley has resigned from the US President Joe Biden's policy in support of Israel.

According to foreign media, Anil Shalin announced his resignation while giving an interview to the Washington Post on March 27.

Anil Shalin said that the US President's administration is violating US laws by continuing to arm Israel.

“It was simply impossible for me to try to advocate for human rights and I was not able to do my job in such a situation,” she said.

Anil Shalin said that the US remains a silent spectator despite the evidence of ongoing human rights violations by Israel in Gaza.

The Israeli army suddenly started a large military exercise

Anil Shailin said that I have a daughter who is still young but if one day in the future she finds out everything that I was in the State Department, she will question me and I will not be ashamed in front of my daughter at that time. want


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