Bambi turns into a vampire and gets a horror film


Bambi is one of Disney's most famous children's characters. But the original cute version of the animal will give way to a new, darker and more murderous one. And the Bambirea horror film that pays homage to slasher films from the 1980s and 1990s.

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Bambi (Image: Disney)

Bambi horror movie

The project has opened its financing campaign and the writers describe it as a mix of a Sam Raimi film with Who Framed Roger Rabbitby Robert Zemeckis.

Directed by Taylor Morden (The Last Blockbuster) and written by Zoë Wassman, the indie film features “live-action performances, hand-drawn animation by Josh Stifter (A24 and Tusk: The Transformation), practical gore by award-winning special effects artist Trysta Kelley, a claymation sequence from effects supervisor Webster Colcord (Stranger Things, Deadpool) and even diegetic VHS footage.”

The official synopsis says that “five college students and their professor decided to venture out and document unprecedented evidence of a rare, never-before-seen species of tusked deer, the musk deer. Or is it something a little more sinister? In the name of science, they go on a weekend field trip and quickly discover that they are not alone: ​​someone (or something) is in the woods with them. Would-be adventurers come face to face with evolution's newest predator, the ultimate shapeshifter, and discover that they are nowhere near the top of this particular food chain.”

Launch scheduled for this year

  • Screenwriter Zoë Wassman said the film is a mix of One Hallucinating Night 2 It is Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Bampire features Diane Franklin, Greg Sestero and Lloyd Kaufman.
  • The production also stars Katie Gibbons, Jeff Brosy, Malachite Saaquya, Weston Oliver, Melody Parra, Jacob Rayl, Levee Duplay and Paul Addison.
  • It is financed by a crowdfunding campaign, which runs until April 12th.
  • The film is scheduled to be released in October 2024.
  • The information is from Omelette.


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