Are you going to be governor? What was Jafar Mandukhel's answer to the journalist's question?

A journalist has asked the central leader and provincial president of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Sheikh Jafar Khan Mandukhel.

According to the details, the central leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and provincial president Sheikh Jafar Khan Mandukhel was asked by journalists in the Balochistan Assembly whether he is finalizing the governorship?

On which he said that the final decision has not been taken regarding the governor, if I become then it is good, he is a young chief minister, he hopes to take everyone along.

He said that the major parties have formed the government together and the problems will be resolved.

Jafar Mandukhel said that he was not present when the agreement was being made. The journalist asked again that the provincial leadership of the People's Party seems to be unaware of the agreement. On which he said that if they are ignorant then we are also ignorant.

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