Android Auto should block streaming apps and games in update

Android Auto should block some apps while the car is running. The new feature is scheduled to come in the next update, 11.4, of the interface. Applications that can distract users, such as games and streaming, will have a “P” icon next to them – for “parked”, or “parked” in Portuguese – which means that the app will only work when the car is stopped, according to with the German website SmartDroid. Google has not yet confirmed which apps will be blocked.

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The new icon already appears in the 'Game Snacks' application, with minigames that can be played on the Android Auto screen. The new update comes to increase user safety, as touching the screen or watching a movie/series while driving can pose a great danger.

Google Maps on a screen on a car dashboard
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Android Auto will also have a new feature to reduce distractions: Android Auto now has generative AI that can summarize incoming text messages and read them aloud to the driver. If the message has up to 40 words, it is read in full; if it is longer, artificial intelligence acts and summarizes it. The feature's availability is limited to some models, countries and languages, and Google ensures that information is not stored by the assistant.

1 – Connecting with a USB cable

  • Make sure the car is on and parked;
  • Use a cable to connect the device to the vehicle's USB port;
  • Most connections start automatically, but you may have to open the app;
  • Follow the instructions on the screen, accepting the settings that Android Auto will suggest;
  • Once complete, Android Auto will appear on your car's screen.
Google Maps on Android Auto (Image: André Fogaça/Olhar Digital)
Google Maps on Android Auto (Image: André Fogaça/Olhar Digital)

2 – Making the wireless connection

  • The wireless connection is done a little differently. In the app, navigate to “+ CONNECT A CAR” > “Connect using Android Auto wirelessly”. If your Bluetooth is not turned on, the device will ask you to activate it;
  • In the vehicle, press and hold the voice command button to begin configuration;
  • Now select “PAIR A CAR” in the cell phone app and wait for your car to appear in the list of Bluetooth devices;
  • Press to connect with it and wait a few seconds for the connection to be established.

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