An Indian Navy officer suddenly disappeared from the ship

A serving officer of the Indian Navy has been missing for 8 days, the parents of the missing Indian sailor have demanded a CBI inquiry.

Indian Navy sailor Sahil Verma went missing from a Navy ship on February 27 while on duty, and his parents have demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter. Is.

The parents of the missing Indian sailor suspect that their son has gone missing on purpose as there were 400 people on board, but their son was the only one from Jammu who has gone missing. It is also questionable how a soldier disappeared from a naval ship without a trace, besides the absence of evidence in CCTV cameras has also been questioned.

Sahil Verma's father raised questions about his son's disappearance and expressed concern over the plane returning to base for a day and then departing again, Sahil Verma's family claims. The Indian authorities also deliberately delayed giving and two days after the incident a board of inquiry was started.

The Navy sailor's parents expressed their displeasure over the lack of a search operation for their son, an incident that has opened up a pool of so-called professional claims by the Indian Navy, India's own serviceman missing on duty. It is a testimony to the failure of Indian institutions.

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