Actor from The Office comes to São Paulo at event with long lines

Actor Leslie David Baker, known for playing Stanley in the series “The Office”, is in Brazil to promote an action by the Nubank bank. O Digital Look was at an event in São Paulo this Saturday (2) which was attended by the star and the inauguration of an interactive stationery store.

What do you need to know?

  • Actor from The Office is in São Paulo;
  • The event featured the inauguration of an interactive space;
  • The place has long queues.

According to the bank, the opened space, subject to capacity, seeks to offer an immersive experience, where visitors will embark on a guided tour, exploring themed areas inspired by Leslie's character in the campaign.

Location in São Paulo where the event takes place (Image: Olhar Digital)

Event brings actor from The Office to São Paulo

Called “Plans on Paper”, the interactive stationery is part of the campaign with the actor that started with a seven-minute short film. In the space, the public will be able to take photos in special settings and receive exclusive products from the bank. Furthermore, at times, the actor must appear to take photos with fans.

Leslie David Baker in a short film (Image: Disclosure)

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The seven-minute short shows Leslie as a retired actor who came to Brazil for the end of the year and became enchanted by the country. Now, having decided to stay, he needs to face the chaos of reorganizing his finances, considering all expenses and bills to pay.

If you want to visit, the space is at Rua Aspicuelta, 145, in the Vila Madalena neighborhood, in São Paulo (SP). The visit lasts a maximum of 15 minutes and hurry up, as the stationery store will only be active this weekend, on the 2nd and 3rd of March.

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