A woman who cheated in restaurants became a problem for the police


A woman who fraudulently bought expensive food at half a dozen restaurants and did not pay the bill became a headache for the police.

Police in England's Dorset County are looking for a woman who fraudulently bought food from at least six restaurants. CCTV footage shows that a small child and two different men have also been seen accompanying her at times.

On each occasion, the woman was found buying an expensive meal and then pretending to pay with her card when there was no money on the card.

She later cheated by telling staff she was going to withdraw money at a cash point. The woman has previously defrauded restaurants in Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole.

She was also seen pointing out her antics on Facebook. A friend commented on her post, “Aren't you the most wanted restaurant?” In response, the woman laughed and replied that girls like their food.

Simons, a restaurant owner, said the woman came to Christchurch Chicken and Blues for lunch and ordered £80 worth of food, but then ran away under the pretense of withdrawing money from an ATM.

The owner of Pinocchio's, an Italian restaurant in Christchurch, has also claimed that the same woman did the same to him last year.
A spokesperson for Dorset Police said the incident was reported to police on Wednesday afternoon and officers will be investigating the matter, but no arrests have yet been made.


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