A social media user who criticized Jobin Nautiyal landed in big trouble

In the Indian state of Uttarakhand, the police have registered a case against a social media user who criticized singer Jobin Nutyal.

According to media reports, Joban Nutyal is known for his fame by making remakes of Pakistani songs. The police named a social media user who spread misinformation and criticized him in the case.

Jobin Nautiyal's manager had lodged a complaint with the police saying that false information is being spread about the singer and his family due to which the family is suffering from mental stress.

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The manager told the police that an unidentified social media user had been criticizing the singer for several days, which prompted him to file a complaint.

Two years ago, a girl made serious allegations against Joban Nutyal, but later retracted her statement. The girl apologized to the singer saying that she did it to become famous.

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