A five-year-old child was eaten by a snake


In the Indian state of Bihar, a five-year-old boy became ill after eating a dead snake while playing in the street.

According to media reports, the incident took place in Khadoi Briarpur village of Jamui city. A five-year-old boy was playing in the street when he found a small dead snake.

According to the victim's mother, the son tried to cook the dead snake on fire with the help of his friend and then ate it.

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The woman said that when I asked the son, he did not tell me. After a few hours, his condition worsened, so we took him to a nearby hospital where doctors treated him.

The treatment of the affected child is going on at Sadar Hospital, where doctors say that the condition of the child is out of danger.

The woman alleged that the neighbor's son deliberately cooked and fed my son a snake due to which his life was in danger.


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