A British ship targeted by the Houthis sank in the Red Sea

The British ship targeted by the Houthis finally sank in the Red Sea.

Al Jazeera British cargo ship Rubymar sank in the Red Sea on Saturday after being hit by Yemen's Houthis, according to the British-owned carrier, which was hit by multiple missiles on February 18, causing the ship to slowly sink. was going

The ship also began leaking oil into the Red Sea after it was hit, officials say, raising fears of catastrophic environmental damage to the Red Sea and its coral reefs from the sinking of the Rubimars.

The British cargo was carrying more than 41,000 tonnes of fertiliser, ammonium phosphate sulphate, which has threatened to 'deplete oxygen' in the marine environment, while leaking oil for days, Yemen's The internationally recognized government said in a statement on Saturday that the ship had sunk last night due to weather conditions and strong winds at sea.

The US military has condemned Yemen's Houthi rebels for sinking the British-owned Rubymar, Central Command said in a post on X that the Iran-backed Houthis pose a serious threat to global maritime activities.

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