6 Judges' letter: 300 lawyers demand to take automatic notice from the Supreme Court


Islamabad: On the letter of the judges of the Islamabad High Court, 300 lawyers demanded a notice from the Supreme Court and said that public interest and fundamental rights are at stake.

According to the details, more than three hundred lawyers wrote a letter to the Supreme Court on the issue of the letter of six judges of the Islamabad High Court.

Saqib Jilani, son of former Chief Justice Tasadeq Jilani, head of the inquiry commission formed by the government, senior lawyers Salman Akram Raja, Abdul Mueez Jaafari, Iman Mazari, Zainab Janjua and other prominent lawyers are among the letter writers.

The lawyers wrote in the letter, expressing solidarity with the six judges, appreciating their courageous action and demanding appropriate action on the issue of the High Court judges' letter.

The letter said that this is a matter of public interest and enforcement of fundamental rights, the Supreme Court should take cognizance of the matter under Article One Eighty-Three of the Constitution.

The lawyers wrote that the Supreme Court should constitute a bench comprising all available judges and hear the public interest proceedings live.

According to the letter, when judges are systematically threatened, the entire justice system is affected. If the judge is not independent in delivering justice, then the entire legal system, including the lawyers, is not important. .

The lawyers' community said that the failure of a transparent inquiry can harm the public's confidence in the independence of the judiciary.

The letter further said that there is a need to restore public confidence in the independence of the judiciary by handling the matter in a transparent manner, to ensure transparency, the matter should not be politicized, the Supreme Court should formulate guidelines and establish a transparent institutional mechanism with the High Courts.

The lawyers said that the matter should be dealt with in an effective and transparent manner so that the independence of the judiciary is not compromised in the future.


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