5 best series about gastronomy

More and more people are becoming interested in gastronomy. One of the reasons is the popularization of the art of eating well through TV series and reality shows.

And enjoying a good meal while watching a quality series is an unbeatable combination. But how about combining the two things? Below, we list 5 series that explore the world of gastronomy. Bon appétit!

Gastronomy: the best series to watch online

The Bear (2022–present)

The Bear (2022 – present) / Credit: Star+ (disclosure)
  • Available to Star+ subscribers.

One of the most praised series recently, “The Bear” is a mix of comedy and drama. The work stands out for its tension-filled scenes, often centered on discussions and conflicts between the characters, especially in the dynamics of a restaurant.

Despite the moments of distress, the series displays a variety of dishes that leave the viewer's mouth watering, in addition to showing the creative process of a chef in creating his most striking dishes.

In the story, after the death of his brother, a renowned young chef returns to take over the family's rundown diner and tries to transform it into a high-quality restaurant.

The series stars Jeremy Allen White as renowned young chef Carmy, Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Ayo Edebiri.

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Christine McConnell's Bizarre Bakery (2018)

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell (2018) / Credit: Netflix (disclosure)
  • Available to Netflix subscribers.

Mixing confectionery, horror and humor, “Christine McConnell's Bizarre Confectionery” is a creative and strange sitcom. The series features real recipes for cakes and sweets made by Christine in a fictional plot that features creatures and their puppet friends with terrifying and bizarre appearances.

However, the series is light and fun. Christine plays a fictionalized version of herself and demonstrates her baking and craft talent, creating culinary masterpieces with gothic and macabre themes.

Chef's Table (2015 – 2019)

Chef's Table (2015 – 2019) / Credit: Netflix (disclosure)
  • Available to Netflix subscribers.

For those who enjoy gastronomy, this series is a must-have. Netflix original documentary series “Chef's Table” features some of the world's most renowned chefs in each episode.

The attraction highlights each chef's exceptional culinary skills, as well as their culinary philosophies and style. It also showcases their life stories, inspirations and the impact of their work on the global gastronomic community.

Foodie Love (2019)

Foodie Love (2019) / Credit: Oi Play, HBO España (disclosure)
  • Available to Oi Play subscribers.

Spanish production, “Foodie Love” is not a very well-known series. However, it is a good option for those who enjoy culinary themes and are looking for an option with good acting and dialogue.

The attraction is created, written and directed by the cult director Isabel Coixet. The plot follows two young people (played by Laia Costa and Guillermo Pfening) who meet on a dating app aimed at food lovers.

The series focuses on their encounters in a variety of restaurants, as they deal with their doubts and insecurities to form a romantic relationship.

Kantaro: The Greedy Salesman (2017)

Saborîman Kantarô (2017) / Credit: Netflix (disclosure)
  • Available to Netflix subscribers.

For those with a sweet tooth, this Japanese series may please. 'Kantaro: The Greedy Salesman' follows a typical salaryman who gives the attraction its name, a guy who appears to be extremely efficient at his job.

However, its speed has a reason. The protagonist finishes his work as quickly as possible to make time for his true passion: tasting typical Japanese sweets.

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