4 accused including Azir Baloch acquitted in attack on police and attempted murder case

Karachi: The Anti-Terrorism Court has acquitted 4 accused, including Uzeer Baloch, in the case of attack and attempted murder on the police during the Lyari operation.

The Anti-Terrorism Court pronounced the verdict for the attack on the police and attempted murder during the Lyari operation. The prosecution and investigating authorities failed to convict Lyari gang war mastermind Azir Baloch in the 35th case as well.

The court acquitted 4 accused including Lyari Azir Baloch due to lack of evidence. Other acquitted accused include Muhammad Salam alias Mullah Nisar, Zakir alias Dada and Ghulam Muhammad alias Gholamu.

The court ordered the jail authorities to release the accused and said that the accused should be released if they are not arrested in any other case.

According to the prosecution, Azir Baloch and other accused were charged with assault and attempted murder on the police during the Lyari operation. The accused attacked during a police operation in April 2012.

In the case, Azir Baloch, Muhammad Salam alias Mulla Nisar and Zakir alias Dada were arrested and in jail. In the case, accused Ghulam Muhammad alias Ghulamu had obtained bail.

A case has been registered against the accused in Kalari police station under the provisions of terrorism.

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