2023 was the year with fewer plane accidents; see numbers


A report published by the International Air Transport Association places the year 2023 as the year with the lowest number of air accidents since records began in 2019. During the twelve months, a fatal accident occurred in Nepal, which killed 72 people. In addition, another 29 minor accidents resulted in no casualties or damage of more than 10% or 1 million dollars to the aircraft.

These numbers do not include business, private, military and training flights. The research only took into account commercial flights.

The positive record occurs despite a 17% increase in the number of flights worldwide, compared to the previous year. In total, there were 37.7 million trips of this type around the world. In 2022, even with fewer takeoffs, the number of accidents was higher, 42, of which five were fatal and 173 deaths.

According to the report, the accident rate was one for every 1.26 million flights. This rate was better than the five-year moving average (2019-2023) of one accident for every 880,000 flights.

Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport

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Air accidents in Latin America

In Latin America and the Caribbean there was also a decrease in the number of accidents, which had been growing in recent years. The rate of all accidents per million sectors improved from 4.47 in 2022 to 0.37 in 2023, surpassing the five-year average of 1.91. According to IATA, “this significant drop demonstrates a substantial improvement in aviation safety in the region, reflecting ongoing efforts to strengthen safety and accident prevention protocols.”


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